Thursday, September 30, 2010

Imperfectly Painted's 500 Subscriber Giveaway

Hey all! Imperfectly Painted is having her 500 follower giveaway!  Congrats Steph!  I love reading your blog, and thanks so much for having a giveaway!     Everyone should check out her blog.  If you like what you see, follow her blog and enter her 500 Follower Sparkle + Duochrome Giveaway.  She's giving away some wicked polishes.

Prizes I Won from THE NAIL POLISH M.D.

Whoot Whoot!

Time for the best kind of haul!
...the kind that I won!

Big shout out and thanks to The Nail Polish M.D. for the fantastic polishes she gave away!

I've already got one of them on because I was having such a crappy day that the multicolored glitter in OPI's Mad as a Hatter just gave me the jumpy claps :D


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ruffian - yes, again

So apparently I'm all obsessed with Ruffian's Reverse French.  I think it's because I'm reading so many blogs and articles on New York Fashion Week.

Well, the one I did this time is extremely similar to the one I did last time.  I basically did it because I was sick of the color on my nails but didn't want to remove it... so Ruffian it is!  Here it is in step by step photos.

I started by applying my base coat and allowing it to
completely dry.
The base color I used was Sally Hanson's Golden
Nights.  I applied two coats and allowed it to dry.

The top color I used was Peacock by Joe.  (Found in
Canada only - at SuperStore or Joe retail stores.)
I applied it carefully 2-3mm (1/8") away from my
cuticle.  Allow it to completely dry.

Of course finish with a top coat of your choice.
This time I used my Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

A Manicure that's fit for the runway!
Current Score: Nail Fails vs. My Nails: 6-7