Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hi Everyone,

Geeze, it's been a while.

Hopefully you've all be keeping up with me on my Youtube channel which is my prime media choice for sharing my nail art designs.  Recently my Facebook Fan Page has become my second media stream for my nail art designs, and my blog has fallen into a sad third place with neglect (as you may possibly know if you follow either of my other two mediums.)

I was about to post my first of six Valentine's day Nail art tutorials on my blog (in a last ditch effort to keep my blog somewhat up to date).  But even just thinking of doing that kinda felt like a chore.

I do thank you all for following my blog and I really appreciate the support - but I really do need to ask:

Do you follow my blog on a regular basis?

I'd really appreciate a simple comment below - even if it's just one word, yes, to let me know how much of a following I actually have for my blog.   If there isn't a great demand for my blog to continue to be updated, I will close it and keep my youtube and facebook (and twitter -via automatic updates)  as my sources of sharing.

If you're really adamant about reading my blog -
please take a moment to comment below to let me know.
I really appreciate it.