Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gingham'n'Stars - Bundle Monster Tutorial

This one is so cute!


Quick Dry Base Coat - Revlon
BM20 - Bundle Monster Image Plate
Pacific Blue - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear
Konad Special Yellow Polish - from Coupon code: wowsocool20 for 20% off. expires September 30, 2011
Nero - Gosh
M3 Konad Image Plate
BM14 - Bundle Monster Image Plate
Insta-Dry Anti Chip Top Coat - Sally Hansen

Check out these videos for some helpful tips and tricks and info:

KONAD ANSWERS - to all your fequently asked questions:

KONAD TESTS - testing out non special polishes for stamping


Friday, July 29, 2011

Faux Crackle Manicure - Nail Art Tutorial

This tutorial was inspired by the whole crackle/shatter nail polish trend that's been happening this past season.
I'm not a fan of the trend personally (mostly because I don't like the shape of the crackles..  lol..  yep.  I'm picky.)  But I do like the idea of it.
So I created this tutorial that anyone can do at home without having to invest in any special crackle polishes.

Materials used:
Lise Watier - Pearl Beige (discontinued)
Lace - from local fabric store
Essie - Good To Go Top Coat.

I did try using one base color and a second color on top to get a more true "crackle" effect.  It did not work at all.  Both colors ended up getting lifted by the lace, and it wasn't even remotely neat or pretty.  yuk.
So if you want a more dramatic effect, try using a darker color that's more contrasting to your skin tone.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Abstract - Nail Art Tutorial

Here's a really cute youthful tutorial for ya this weekend!
I personally love this one.

Here are the materials I used:

Seche Clear Base Coat (from Shoppers Drugmart)
Color Club - Poptastic
Color Club - Almost Famous (all colorclub polishes bought at Winners)
Rimmel - French White Tip Pro (from Shoppers Drugmart)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro- Black Satin
Dotting tool - from ebay
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Invisible (From Walmart)

Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NOTD: Metallic Pollock

Hi Everyone!

Ok. I'm going to make the general assumption that I'm not the only one who thinks of Jackson Pollock when you look at this stamping plate.
This NOTD was just a simple Bundle Monster stamping nail art (repeated a couple times per nail)
Materials used:
Konad Stamper and Scraper: from
Fauxnad Image plate M70: from  You can get the real Konad version at
La Colors Color Craze - Metallic Purple
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro - Black Satin
Seche Clear base coat
Essie Good To Go top coat

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for a 20% discount on your purchase.
this coupon code expires September 30, 2011.

Monday, July 18, 2011

NOTD:Konad the Rainbow Zebra Plays in the Land of Silver Trees

Hi Everyone!

Here's a little NOTD from a couple weeks ago.
(haha..  yeah.  the title was inspired by...  i can't believe i'm going to admit this..  but Kourtney Kardashian when on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Chloe asked Kourtney what the difference was between a zebra that didn't have stripes and a horse.  Kourtney said that Zebras live in the land of the rainbow trees..   heehehee.  cute.)

It's a pretty simple Stamping nail art.

The things I used:
-  Konad M57 stamp (available at (curently there's a 20% discount code: wowsocool20     The code expires September 30, 2011.  So if you've been dying to get your hands on some genuine Konad products whether it be the image plates, stamper, scraper or special polishes, check them out!  [no, i'm not affiliated with the website :]

Polishes used: (from pinkie to thumb)
-  Color Club Twiggie
-  Color Club Almost Famous
-  Color Club Lazer Pink
-  Color Club Wham Pow!
-  Color Club Puccilicious

Seche Clear base coat
Essie - Good To Go top coat

What do you think?  I'm not a big animal print lover myself, but I think this is refreshing and cute :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Abstract Prowl

Here's a tutorial I've had on my computer for a while.  I have mixed feeling about this one.  And apparantly so do my youtube viewers.  lol..  oh well.  you win some you lose some.

What are your thoughts on this design?

Materials used:
Wet'n'Wild - Night Prowl (can be purchased at any drugstore)
Costmetic sponge (can be purchased at any drugstore)
Rimmel - Pop Quiz (i have no idea where to get this polish.  sorry)
Color Club - Puccilicious (I purchased at Winners)
Script Brush - (purchased at local art/craft store)
Rimmel - White french tip pro (can be purchased at any drugstore)
Konad stamping plate M60 - purcahsed at   can also be found on ebay.
Special Konad polish - purchased at

thanks for watching!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

REVIEW: Bundle Monster 25 plate set

Here's a way delayed review of Bundle Monster's 25 image plate set.

I have previously posted the pictures of each of the individual plates.
You can check them out in my blog post.

Oh, and one thing I can't believe I forgot to mention is that the full image designs are now the same size as the Konad ones.  yay!

Purple & Silver Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while.  As the summer days wear there are more and more things to do out and about.  So i apologize for not posting anything for a while.

First up, my most recent tutorial.  Yes, it's on the creepy model hand.  I had just done my own nails so I wasn't about to remove my mani to do a tutorial.  sorry.  Also, I'm personally not a fan of wearing pearls and beads on my own nails.  (the 3d things drive me nuts through out the day.)  So, model hand it is.  :)

The list of products used will be listed under the video.
For comments or questions, it's best to click on the video which will take you to the video on youtube.  Leave a comment under the video there if you have any questions.

This is a really simple purple and silver abstract nail art tutorial.
Hope you enjoy!

Materials Used:

LA Colors Nail Lacquer - Metallic Purple - from local drugstore
China Glaze - Millennium - from Sallys Beauty
LA Colors Art Deco - Black

Cosmetic sponge - from any drugstore
Pearl Sticker - from Michaels Crafts
Silver beads - from Deserres art store.