Monday, May 23, 2011

Gold Filigree - Bundle Monster Tutorial [BM201]

Here's another Bundle Monster tutorial for ya all!
I've done a hand full tutorials with BM's new set.  They'll be put up slowly within the next week or so.  A full review/comparison will be coming soon.  :)

Hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Materials Used:
Seche - Clear Base Coat (Winners or Sallys Beauty)
Rimmel - Black Satin
Bundle Monster Stamping Image Plate 201
China Glaze - Passion (Sallys Beauty)
Painters Tape - (hardware store)
Konad Stamper & Scraper (
Essie - Good To Go Top Coat (Shoppers Drug Mart)

Link to the Multi-colored Butterfly tutorial:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Multi-colored Butterflies - Bundle Monster tutorial [BM205]

Here's a tutorial using on the the new images plates from the 25 Bundle Monster Image Plate set.
I think it's a beauty and very summery.  Enjoy!

Materials Used:
Seche - Clear Base Coat (Winners or Sallys Beauty)
Orly - Orly Platinum (Sallys Beauty)
Bundle Monster Stamping Image Plate 205 ( or
Special Konad Nail Polishes - pink, yellow, purple, blue (
Essie - Good To Go Top Coat (Shoppers Drug Mart)
Konad Stamper & Scraper (
Island Girl - Scented Cuticle Oil (from somewhere in Hawaii)

Konad Tests Video:

Quick Tip: How to clean your image plate and scraper

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quick Tip: How to Clean Nail Art Brushes

I've been asked several times how I clean my nail art brushes.  I finally made a video on it.  It's pretty simple but hopefully it will help some of you out.

Please keep in mind, I do mention in the video that I do clean the brush with nail polish remover both BEFORE and AFTER to doing this little trick.

I'll have a list of the materials used under the video.

Materials used:
Nail Polish Remover
- I use the brand ONYX (from walmart or london drugs) but you can use any brand of your choice.

Clear Nail Polish
- I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Invisible (from walmart or drug store). But again, ANY clear polish will work with this trick.

I would also use a circle cotton pad at the end, but, like I said, I didn't have one with me when I was filming.
They can be purchased at your local drugstore or walmart, walgreens, etc.

The brush I was cleaning is not actually a "nail art brush" it is a thin acrylic paint brush I bought from my local art store. there are lots of inexpensive brushes you can use for nail art that can be bought at your local art store. (I think this one was around $2 - $5.

Good Luck!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Punky Pink Nail Art Tutorial

Here's one I've been holding off publishing for a while (the royal wedding got me inspired to do other tutorials, so this one had to wait.)
I really like how this one is really punky yet still very girly.
Hope you enjoy!

Color Club - Poptastic (from Winners)
Gosh - Nero (from Shoppers Drug Mart)
China Glaze - Millennium (from Sallys Beauty Supply)
Detail Brush - Loew-Cornell size 0 (from Deserres Art Store)
Dotting Tool - (from ebay)
Rhinestone - (from MIchasels craft store - found near the bead/jewelry section)
Gold beads - (from Deserres Art Store)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spiky Summer Nails

Happy Weekend!

I've got another nail art tutorial for ya.  I keep forgetting to post them on my blog after I post them on Youtube. yeesh.  So there will be another tutorial put up right after this one. :)

This one is REALLY easy.  uses only two colors and no major hand control required.

Materials Used:
OPI - Natural nail Base coat
Color Club - Almost Famous
LA Colors Art Deco - Poppin' Pink
Seche Vite - Fast Dry Top Coat

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bundle Monster Stamping Image Plates - Bundle #2 - 25 Plates - pt.2

Ok.  no excess words on this post.
Here are the pics!

and that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed these photos!
I'm excited to start making tutorials with these new plates!

If you missed part 1 of this post with the first 15 image plates,
to be taken to that post.


Bundle Monster Stamping Image Plates - Bundle #2 - 25 Plates - pt.1

So again a BIG THANK YOU to every one who voted for my nail art design in the bundle monster contest!  Yes, I was one of the 25 winners and late last week, I received my new image plates!

I have only tried one of the plates so far, and I didn't do anything elaborate.  If i get off my butt before publishing this post, I'll take a photo of my current BM manicure.

They are FAR superior to their old plates because of some changes they made.

Change 1:  Plastic backing on the plate.  no need to make your own.  The edge of the plate is much smoother so there is less chance that you'll cut yourself with these plates.  Of course, it still is a thin metal plate, so I still use a bit of caution/common sense.

Change 2: The thin protective film on the plate is now translucent blue.  So for those of you who didn't realize there was a protective layer on there when it was clear... well, now it's pretty obvious, I think.

Change 3:  THIS IS THE BIGGEST AND MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE in my opinion anyways.  And those of you with larger or wider nail beds will surely agree.  They have made the size of their full nail designs larger!  They are now the same size as Konad's full nail image plates.  :D  YES!  (though, truth be told, it'd be nice if they were a bit longer still.  I can only get full nail coverage, particularily on my thumb, when my nails are VerY short.)


Because of these three changes I love this bundle even more than the first!
I also recommend this set because I'm personally a fan of the full nail images rather than the smaller ones and this set has at least 2-4 full nail images on 20 of the 25 plates!  The other 5 plates have 6 french tip designs each (which I've never owned before, but am very eager to try out :)


Ok.  so here is some info on them.
They can be purchased at:

The original Bundle Monster plates are 21 plates for $17.99 USD.
This set of Bundle Monster plates are 25 plates for $21.99 USD.
I believe there is no shipping charges on these (but it's been a while so don't quote me on that.)
They are similar to Konad stamping plates.
To see a comparative review, check out my Bundle Monster Review.

you can use "Special" Konad polishes or (I)some(/i) regular polishes.
Please check out my Konad Answers video for more info.
For some comparative polish tests check out my Konad Tests video


Now for the pictures of the new plates!!!!!
This post will only have half of them.  The rest will follow in a couple minutes ;)

Which plate is your favorite?
Do you own bundle monster plates?  What's your opinion of these vs the old ones vs Konad?

part 2 of the image plates coming up asap!

To be directed to part 2

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Youtube Nail Art Contest & Giveaway

Just thought I'd spread the word that I'm having ANOTHER nail art contest and giveaway on my Youtube channel.  If you're subscribed already, the video is probably sitting in your subscriptions box already.  If you're not and would like a chance to enter, watch the video and check out my channel for more info on how to enter.

Happy Sunday everyone!
CONTEST CLOSES: MAY 31, 2010 @midnight (EDT)

Must be subscribed to my youtube channel
Must be 18+ or have parental permission to enter
It is open internationally.
There will be 2 video winners and 1 comment winner.
One video winner will be randomly chosen
One video winner will be chosen by votes by my viewers. (in a future voting video I compile after the contest deadline)
Comment winner will be randomly chosen
The prizes will be mailed out after all winners are chosen.

Nail Art Tutorial Contest Rules:
* By submitting an entry you are giving me permission to use an image of your final design in a future video.
* Must be an original design
* Must be a New video
* Materials allowed: Everything!
* Must show How you created the design (ie. live video or step by step photo slide show)
* Must indicate, in any way, that your video is an entry for this contest
* Must post your entries as a response to this video.

Comment Giveaway Rules:
* Leave ONLY ONE comment below:  What is your favorite summer drink?
**edit**  sorry, I meant to leave one comment below the video in Youtube.  (to go directly there, just click on the video.)
* Can I enter both the comment and video contest?
         Yes, but you can only win one prize.
* How many video entries can I submit?
         You can submit up to two (2) video entries.