Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rainbow Digital - Konad Stamping Tutorial [M61]

Here's a fun one for ya!
It reminds me of a circuit board. Don't you think so?
It's been a while since I've done a stamping tutorial.

If you're new to stamping, check out the plethora of links I've provided after the jump.  I have lots of reviews on Konad brand stamps, a major competitor - Bundle Monster, as well as some basic tips and trick on how to use 'special' konad polishes as well as regular polishes to get a great result with your stamping image plates.  

Check out the video tutorial after the jump.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink Champagne Water Marbled Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial

I was kind of iffy about posting this tutorial.  I don't love it but it's okay.  lol....  I almost considered posting it as a Nail Fail, but I didn't think it failed that horribly.  So instead you get the photo of the final design as well as the tutorial.
I know water marbling can be tricky.  Just test out your polishes and keep trying.  It's definitely learned through trial and error.  good Luck!  and Happy Valentine's Day!

Keep reading after the jump for the full list of materials, and the video tutorial

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Easy Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial - Spotted Heart

Hi Everyone!
It's almost Valentine's Day!
Here's a really simple yet cute design for you all.  Great for the beginner as well as a more practiced nail artist.
Have fun with your nail art!  You don't have to do exactly what I do in my videos.  Feel free to choose your own colours or switch up the design to suit your style.
Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!
See you in my next video :D


Materials Used:
Orly - Bonder base coat
China Glaze - White On White
American Apparel - Angeline
American Painter - Spotter Brush - size 10/0 (available at Michaels or your local art store in the acrylic paint brush section.)
Sally Hansen - Insta Dry Anti Chip Top Coat