Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whoopsie. I've missed you! ..... PLUS A New Free Hand Tutorial: Pink Bokeh

Whoa!  I've been slacking!  Sorry everyone.

But I must say that as apologetic I may be about not updating my blog, I have an announcement to make:
I have finally succumbed to the pressure of social media sites:  I am now on twitter, AND I have a facebook fan page.

{pretty easy to remember isn't it}
I'm still trying to figure out the whole facebook fan page thing but hopefully it'll be up and actively running soon.  it's all about baby steps.

Let's get to the main point of this post.  I've just uploaded a new tutorial.

I think this one's totally gorge!
Hope you like it enough to give it a try.It was inspired by a desktop background of mine.

In photography "Bokeh" is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur.  There was an image that this design was inspired by, but for the life of me I can't find it on my computer anywhere now that I need it.

Materials used
OPI - Natural Nail Base coat
OPI - The Thrill of Brazil
Essie - Blanc
Rimmel Lasting finish Pro - Pink Bliss
American Apparel - Angeline (available in American Apparel stores or at
Sally Hansen - Insta Dry Anti Chip Top Coat

Dotting tool - lots of sellers have them on ebay.
If you don't want to buy a dotting too, look for something around the house that's similar is shape.  (Some ideas: an opened bobby pin, dressmaker's pins, sharp pencil.)