Monday, December 7, 2009

Night Shift

Okay, so apparantly i'm switching over to night shift...  not even sure why.

{night shift as in i'm up at night and sleeping waaaay in in the morning/afternoons.  ie.  it is currently 3:41am and i'm still wide awake..  ahhhhh }

...and now i'm shopping for nail polishes online..  great.  just what i need.
well, hopefully they don't get back to me with shipping prices too quickly.



  1. I used to work in an old peoples home doing the night shift. I would start at 8pm and finish at 8 the next morning - i hated it as it really screwed up my body clock, so you have my sympathy

  2. yeah. unfortunately it's a self imposed move to the night shift. randomly watching youtube videos and online shopping when I shoulda been sleeping. yeesh.

    hope things are going better for you. I have no experience with the troubles you're having but just try to remember that it's always sunnier on the other side. You just have to open the window. ;)

  3. My move to the night shift will start in a couple of weeks. I don't know what to feel! I'm excited, but I'm also scared. I've written about the advantages and disadvantages of working the night shift. I hope you check it out and leave me some tips on how to survive the big change. Thanks!