Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Personal Encounter with Deborah Lippmann Polishes

Last week my sister took me out to diner as a thanks for helping her out with a grant application she was working on.  We went to Linda (a fabulous Thai restaurant somewhere far away from her place)  --for those of you that don't know Linda -- You Should!  the more affordable version of Linda is The Salad King, tentatively still located by Ryerson University on Gould street.  Unfortunately the building that The Salad King was in had encountered some unfortunate brick work failure on the building facade.  So temporarily, The Salad King is closed until further engineering inspection and evaluation for structural stability.

So, since the Salad King was out of order, we drove out to Linda to satisfy our curry cravings.  
the food was Great!  My sister says it's the same as at the Salad King, but the prices are twice as high.  :(  but it was a nice place.   Dinner was great.  (even though they mixed up our levels of spicyness.  they fixed it within literally 5 minutes!  And when my sister asked for "every last drop" of her curry to be boxed up, so she could take it for lunch the next day, the server even brought the place it was on to show it truly was "every last drop"  :D  we all had a chuckle.

After dinner we drove out to an outdoor mall type of complex just because we were in the area.  We went into a cosmetics store called Murale.   They're Sephora-like, but not exactly the same.  They pretty much only carry higher quality cosmetics.  

Naturally I wandered towards the nail polish sections of each brand.  At the back of the store was two shelves full of SpaRitual polishes as well as Deborah Lippmann.  (still currently called Lippmann Collection)

I was first drawn to the SpaRitual Believe Collection polishes until I saw the Lippmann glitter polishes, which I must say are TRULY UNIQUE.

When I went into the store I was already wearing OPI Ink!  
Applied on top of it is Lippmann Collection's Happy birthday.  Whoa man!  Check out that glitter.  Multi-colored and multi-shaped in a clear polish.
I also ended up wearing this for about a week WITHOUT top coat.  it did have a texture (naturally) but in 7 days i lost maybe 3 pieces of glitter!  AMAZING!  [but, i gotta say, it was hell getting it off.  especially on my ring finger where i had clearly put on too much glitter]

This is Ruby Red Slippers ontop of OPI Ink.
Whoa man!
I just got Lubu Heels by China Glaze, and it doesn't even compare to this!
Both Lubu Heels and Ruby Red Slippers have red glitters in a sheer black polish.  but RRS has large square glitters PLUS Hex glitters!  LH only has small red glitters.  

I wish I could go back and get this but since I already have LUBU heels (for $6.95) i can't justify getting RRS which is similar (albeit so much better) for $20.

yup.  in Canada Lippmann polishes cost $20.  (I believe you can get them for about $16 in the US depending on where you get it)

Oh Deborah.  I wish your polishes were more affordable.  :(
I guess i'll still have to wait a bit longer to own my own Lippmann Polish.

Do any of you have Lippmann polishes?  What colors?  And do you think it's worth the extra money?

Oh yeah. and I'm gonna count this as a "My Nails" post too.  So the Fails vs. Nails count is now 2-1



  1. ahhh, where do you get china glaze in ontario? i have no idea where to get it and am so sad