Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Cheshire Cat's Cousin

Hey all!

So I loved the look of my Cheshire Cat nails so much I decided to do it again with different colors.
Here I used Joe Fresh's Gun Metal with Rimmel's Black Satin on top. (of course I also applied a top coat - I used Seche Vite)
I love how this turned out!!!

Also: FYI:  I just checked out Joe Fresh's website b/c I couldn't remember the name of the polish I used and apparently they have a matte top coat!  For those CAnadians looking for an affordable matte top coat for this fall season, apparently you need to check out your local Joe Fresh boutique - or your local SuperStore that has a Joe Fresh section.
Happy Matte Hunting!


  1. This is gorgeous!! I love the gunmetal/black combo :)

  2. I love the gunmetal color! is there a dupe to it since there's no Joe Fresh in the states?

  3. No way. I have the exact nail polishes, Revlon and Rimmel in those two shades. I was thinking of the two when I first saw your picture, and was pleasantly shocked when I noticed that they were, in fact, the same colours that I have in my nail polish collection. Your nails look amazing btw, and I want to get mine done just like that! Sorry for sounding weird and all...