Sunday, May 15, 2011

Punky Pink Nail Art Tutorial

Here's one I've been holding off publishing for a while (the royal wedding got me inspired to do other tutorials, so this one had to wait.)
I really like how this one is really punky yet still very girly.
Hope you enjoy!

Color Club - Poptastic (from Winners)
Gosh - Nero (from Shoppers Drug Mart)
China Glaze - Millennium (from Sallys Beauty Supply)
Detail Brush - Loew-Cornell size 0 (from Deserres Art Store)
Dotting Tool - (from ebay)
Rhinestone - (from MIchasels craft store - found near the bead/jewelry section)
Gold beads - (from Deserres Art Store)


  1. so cute!! I'll have to try this soon!!

  2. Hi! This was so cool! I just stumbled on this a while ago and I knew I'd have to copy it! I blogged about it (and credited you, of course). If you want to see it, the link is here:

    Thank you soo much for the inspiration!! And the great tutorials!! <3