Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello everyone!
Happy Wednesday!

I'm so excited for this week to be over already.  Haven't been getting enough sleep.

Well with all that whining done and out of the way, here's another nail tutorial for you.
It's all free hand - aka. no stamping - for those of you who don't have Konad or Bundle Monster plates.
It's super duper simple.  it's just dots.  
Also, if you don't have a 'proper' dotting tool, just use things from around the house - ie. tooth pick, bobbi pins, dressmaker's needles.  a really pointy pencil, or an old ball point pen.  the possibilities are endless.  it just needs to be small and rounded/pointed - but of course, not sharp.  let's not hurt our selves for the sake of nail art.  (we can leave that to the other realms of fashion/beauty)

Hope you enjoy! 

Also - FYI.  
I have recently adjusted my camera so I can now film much closer to my nails.  (as close as you see them in the above thumnail.)  I'm very excited!  I know how hard it is sometimes for you to see what I'm doing because previously my camera was so far away.  But I've made an adjustment and now my new tutorials will be much easier to see!  whoot whoot!
The only thing is that the new camera angle/view will be delayed by about 3-5 tutorials that I've already pre-filmed.  Once those are all posted new ones will be coming your way with a much improved zoom.

zoom zoom!  lol...

Revlon- Quick Dry Base Coat (eventhough I said Rimmel... I meant Revlon)
OPI - Yodel Me On My Cell
Dotting Tool - from ebay
Sally Hansen Xreme Wear - White On
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz
China Glaze - Refresh Mint
China Glaze - Bahamian Escape
OPI - The Thrill of Brazil
Revlon- Quick Dry Top Coat

Have Fun! and Good Luck!


  1. I love how you created such a pretty, artsy design just with all dots. Just got a bunch of new dotting tools - can't wait to try 'em out.
    - Mary

  2. Hi! I've been watching your tutorials for a while, but only now decided to try one of them. I'm a beginner in nail art, so for me it was a great acomplishment! I'll show you a picture, but I ask you to please disconsider the stains and the weak colors in the picture - my camera wasn't so good. Here's a link to the picture:
    I tried to post his comment on youtube, but it didn't work for some reason.