Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pink Champagne Water Marbled Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial

I was kind of iffy about posting this tutorial.  I don't love it but it's okay.  lol....  I almost considered posting it as a Nail Fail, but I didn't think it failed that horribly.  So instead you get the photo of the final design as well as the tutorial.
I know water marbling can be tricky.  Just test out your polishes and keep trying.  It's definitely learned through trial and error.  good Luck!  and Happy Valentine's Day!

Keep reading after the jump for the full list of materials, and the video tutorial

Materials Used:
Orly - Bonder (base coat)
American Apparel - Angeline
OPI - Up Front and Personal

Cuticle Oil - any kind
Q-Tip/cotton swab
cuticle stick or pin - to do the dragging
plastic/glass/disposable container
room temperature tap water - some people recommend filtered water.  (Test out your water and see which is best for you.)

I'm not a pro at water marbling.  I'm still learning.
I've got a couple other water marbling videos you can check out if you're interested in learning more:

Bright Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial:

Red & Silver Glitter Water Marbled Nail Tutorial

Water Marbled Nail Tutorial - lol..  this video is soooo old!

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