Monday, October 8, 2012

Nail Polish Collection - Update 2012

I've had many requests for an updated nail art collection video.
So, here you go.

I don't know that my collection has actually gotten that much bigger from my old collection video.  I'm much more picky about which polishes I buy now.  Previously when I was trying to increase and diversify my collection, I was buying lots of  polishes.  But now I feel like I've gotten it to a good size and quality.  I've got a diverse enough of a collection that I don't feel restricted when doing nail art tutorials.  Now that I've got the diversity, when I buy new polishes, I usually only buy polishes that are either a really wicked bargain, or is a colour that I really want to personally wear.

In this post, I'm only showing my nail polish bottles, excluding base coats, top coats, and other nail prep/treatments.  I will have a separate video for my accessories, which I will hopefully remember to include all konad stamping, glitter, fimo, tools, base coats, top coats, polish removers and basically anything else nail art related.  Hopefully that video will get done in the next week or so.  If it doesn't, it's because it's gotten bumped down the priority list in order to get some Halloween tutorials done this year.

Hope you enjoy this video.  :)

A separate post with close ups of the nail polish bottles will follow.

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