Friday, January 22, 2010

Benefit Concert for Haiti vs. Blog TV with a YouTuber? Hmmm.. decisions decisions.. :/

So I noticed that YouTube is going to be showing the Benefit Concert that George Clooney organized for raising money for Haiti.  I was totally stoked because I don't have cable.  (If I did, I would then naturally be watching the concert on TV)

I then was looking through my subscription box and saw one of the beauty Gurus that I follow is going to be on blogtv starting 15 minutes before the start of the concert.  

Normally when it comes to commenting on Youtube I try to keep to the old addage: "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."  --It's a lot easier to just be positive than to have to deal with the potential viciously loyal fans of a certain YouTuber who think that this Guru can do no wrong.  

In this instance, I really had to comment.  I just couldn't not say anything.  

Here's what I posted:
you're gonna start blog tv 15 minutes before the benefit concert for Haiti? really????

Ok.  I'll be the first to admit that I could have worded it more positively and less judgemental sounding.  I, however, did not.  
So i'm roaming around Youtube catching up on videos from people I subscribe to and see eventually wander back to my front page and see that I have one new comment.  I figured that I didn't get rid of one of the earlier comments to one of my nail tutorials and go check my comments box to delete it.  
That's when I see that someone has responded to the comment that I had made earlier.  

Here's what he/she posted:
shut up

rolling eyes!  Really?  yeesh.  I mean, it's fine to defend a guru who's your friend and you feel that you really :love: but c'mon.  Give me a break.  

So I checked out their channel.  And go figure.  They have uploaded no videos, haven't shown their recent activity and has a comments section that's full of comments/replies that really say that this person is one of those people on Youtube who are really only there to say mean things and put others down without offering up anything themselves.  

I am clearly upset at the mini-situation.  Upset enough to actually blog about it since I haven't blogged since a couple weeks ago when I just got into town.  But it's just so infuriating that people need to be stupid like that.  I guess a really loud voice with total anonymity is one of the (many) downfalls of the internet.  

Well, I did block the person because I really don't want to fester over this.  But I guess if I see that there are other comments from people saying similar things, I'll contact the Guru and apologize for the tone of the comment - but not the intention. 

Hmmm..  Oh youtube.  


  1. Oh sweetie i know exactly what you mean about people on youtube one of my guru friends got some vicious abuse from 'loyal' subscribers of another guru (she even mentioned it, though not my friends name) What was upsetting was the fact that my friends comment was not nasty, personal rude or aggressive - unlike theirs! Anyway don't let it get to you hun.Take care

  2. Thanks hun. Yeah. it's so unsuspecting how mean people can be... and so randomly too. Oh well. I'm over it. :)

    How have you been doing? Haven't seen any new posts or videos in a while. Is your computer still on the fritz? Hope the new meds you're taking are helping. :) chin up. :D {{hugs}}