Monday, June 14, 2010

Nail Fails vs. My Nails v3

So I was feeling a bit bland (probably because it was raining all last week) so I painted my nails black and topped it off with Matte About You by Essie.  But then suddenly the sun came out and so did my nail design cheer!
I was still feeling simple and was pressed for time.  so I did a simple polka dot nail.  by the time i had added the polka dots, the matte finish was wearing off a bit so it photographed as more of a suede or satin finish on the black.
Its unoriginal.  it's been done.  yeah i know.
but I'VE never done it.  
so like a used car... it's new to me :D

dang my hands look old when they're dry!
eech.  note to self:  apply cuticle oil before taking photo!

Fails vs Nails: 3-2


  1. I like those. yeah its been done but it is neatly done and pretty! sometimes simple is really nice.

    i did this with pink back and white dots and it looked really nice.

    Going to do teal back with silver soon.