Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Retail Therapy

So I happened to buy two bottles of OPI just on a whim, and then a couple days later (post haircut trauma) I ended up getting another three bottles of polish - two OPI and one China Glaze.

I'm in LOVE!

The first two I got from OPI's Summer Flutter collection.  I absolutely had to have them and not even remotely regretting either of these!
{ps.  all images are clickable and zoom capable - if you really want to see it up close}
(L-R) Wing It, Catch Me In Your Net

The polishes that I purchased as part of retail therapy after an upsetting hair cut experience were also great.  (Managed to keep it down to three bottles.  Could have easily gotten 6-10)

(L-R) Melon of Troy, Up Close and Personal, Passion

Swatches will follow... eventualy :)
and... holy crap.  inserting pics in this blog is like inserting pics into Word.. but worse.  yeesh.  how do you all do it?


  1. ouu i love the first one!
    too bad my dad thinks there too expensive D:

  2. Lots of patience and swearing. LOL. Swatch that sh*t I am waiting on the edge of my seat!!!


  3. lol.. sorry! i'll have it for next week :)