Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Halloween Costume - Chihiro from Spirited Away

Ok, I know this post is uber late, but i've been procrastinating.  yup.  that's my only excuse.
So for those of you who follow my YouTube Channel you already know that my roommate and I had a Halloween Party that was animated themed.  So you had to dress up as something that's been animated.  My roomie went as Princess Peach (from Nintendo's Mario Brothers), there was an awesome looking Duff Man there, we also had a teal ghost that chases Pac Man, as well as Jane Jetson.  We had Jack Skeleton and Boba Fet (is that how you spell it?  lol..) as well as some non themed party goers, such as the devil, Robin Hood (which I guess both have been animated at one point in time)  and many more!

I dressed up as Chihiro/Sen from the amazing movie Spirited Away.
I made the pattern of my shorts from a pair of pajama pants.  (They were not perfect, but it was good enough for one night :)
The top was based off a t-shirt of mine.  I made some adjustments to the front pleat, the collar and I also added the sleeves.  I didn't have enough material to make the sleeve wide enough to be held up by the white strap so instead I used snaps to hold the sleeves up.
I got a maroon band for the belt, and had my hair in a pony tail with the pieces in front of my ears.  I also used some reddish/pink eye shadow to pain on Chihiro's blushed cheeks.  And that was pretty much it.  I wore no nail polish, and no shoes.  (thank god it was an indoor party - otherwise I'd have to scrounge for a pair of green velcro shoes like the ones she had :)


Well, that's it for that season.  I'm getting pretty excited for Christmas!

But for my American followers:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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