Wednesday, November 3, 2010

REVIEW: Bundle Monster Image Plates vs. Konad Image Plates

Hey all!  I wrote this review a while ago, but wanted to add comparison pictures.  But haven't had the chance yet.  But I felt like I had waited too long to keep postponing this blog post.
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I've had a chance to try out some of the Bundle Monster Image Plates and as promised I have my full personal review of the product.
This will be a general overview of the product, and it will also be compared to the more famous Konad Stamping Image Plates.

The Criteria that I will evaluate this product will be based on the following:

  • The price
  • The accessibility (how easy is it to find this product)
  • The usability of the plates (general ease of use, how it transfers, how it cleans)
  • The variety of images
  • Overall opinion

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  • So the cost of 21 Bundle Monster Image Plates is $17.99 USD + shipping (which may vary depending where you purchase them.  I think that unless the majority of the plates were unusable, this is a great value for the number of plates (and images) you're getting.
  • Konad Image Plates are usually priced around $5.99 USD each + $2 shipping (or less).  Again, this varies by seller.  So to compare, if you were to purchase 21 Konad plates it would cost $125.79 USD + shipping.


  • I first heard about them from The Daily Nail. I purchased my BM plates from  Just search "nail stamping plates" and it's the first thing to pop up.  They're also available on (which I wasn't aware of until recently.  Also supposedly they can be purchased on ebay  so I've been told, but as I've searched for them, I've yet to hunt them down on ebay.
  • I bought my Konad Image Plates from  I was introduced to them by Josh aka. Petrilude (on Youtube).  I also stumbled upon several coupon codes ranging from 20% - 30% off my entire purchase.  And at that discount I couldn't pass it up.  [Unfortunately those coupon codes are no longer valid.]  
  • They're also easily found on lots of other e-tailers such as 


  • The BM Image plates are the same size as Konad Images plates.  (So if you happen to have one of Konad's Image Plate holders, the BM plates are compatible.)  
  • BM plates generally have more images per plate.  This can be both good and bad.  Good because you get more images and variety - thus more value per plate. [BM plates usually have 6 full nail images per plate, or 7-8 smaller images per plate.]  Bad because the images (especially the full nail images) are smaller.  For comparison, the Konad full nail image plates can usually cover all my nails completely excluding my thumb where it leaves a gap of about 2-3mm.  The BM full nail image plates don't even completely cover the width of my middle finger nail.  And the length is only long enough to cover my middle finger nail if my nails are cut quite short.  
  • Konad image plates usually have about 4 full nail images + 1 small image per plate, or 7 small images.  The full nail images are much easier to use and allow for a better margin of error should you not get the image to start right at the edge of your nail.
  • In my next post I will include my Konad Answers video and my Konad Tests video if you have more questions about how to use Konad.  Also in the second video you'll be able to see how different brands and finished of polishes compare to "Special Konad Polishes," as well as the comparison of the size of the full nail images of BM vs. Konad.
  • BM plates is terms of actually applying the polish and getting it transferred to the stamp and then onto your nail I find quite simple and comparable to Konad.  The one downer is that the etching of the images I find is a bit rougher than Konad plates so it's a bit more difficult to get the nail polish cleaned off the image completely.
  • Konad Images seem to be etched into the plates a bit more smoothly so when I remove the polish with remover it's a really simple process with no worrying about staining the image.
  • Some BM images are very delicate with thin lines and fine details.  These are difficult to transfer completely on your nail.  
  • Konad Images (that I've used so far) are all designed so that all the details are large enough to transfer onto your nail.
  • BM plates are thinner and do not come with a backing to the plate.  They also do have a slightly sharper edge to them which leaves me with concerns about it scratching my work surface or myself.  I applied my own home made backing to them because I felt like it would scratch up my work surface if I slid them around. (A tutorial will be posted later showing how I made my own backing for the plates).
  • Konad plates are made of superior quality.  They come with their own backing and thus I don't worry about the edges of the image plate scratching anything.  Even the top edge itself is sanded to a smooth finish.  I have never worried about scratching my work surface or myself with these plates.

  • Although the images that you get with the BM plates is a set and not something you can choose, I think the variety of the images is pretty great.  You get lots of fun and cute smaller images and symbols: hearts, celtic knots, flowers, plants, fruits, patterns, animal prints, themed images (ie. halloween, christmas images),  animals, french tip patterns and full nail images.  I think that even if you didn't like a lot of the images you get with the set, everyone would still like enough of them to make it worth the $18.
  • Some of the images are comparable to the Konad images - ie.  the Houndstooth pattern and animal prints.  I can't say that I've really closely looked at all the IPs that Konad has to offer, but simply because Konad has much more than 21 IPs I would say that they certainly have a better selection due to sheer numbers.  But again, each plate will cost you more.  

  • The price is the best part about BM.  You get 21 image plates for the price of 3 Konad plates.  It really just can't be beat!
  • I think BM is just as accessible as Konad.  The only downer is that I've never heard of them being sold in a store, so if you're not into online shopping, both of them are probably going to be inaccessible to you.  (Though I've heard of a kiosk in the Cross Iron Mills Mall in Calgary, Alberta and a kiosk in the Irvine Spectrum in CA. that sell Konad)
  • Usability of the plates is much better for the Konad plates.  They're made of better quality material and have a better finish to them.  The images are larger and transfer much more easily onto your nail.  Most of the BM images transfer with ease, but the more delicate one are very difficult to stamp on your nails without any gaps.
  • BM images tend to stain after use.  This hasn't affected future use of them for me (so far) but it's a bit annoying that the image is stained a slight pink or yellow.
  • The Variety of images is pretty decent.  It's not as varied as Konad, but again, it's still a great bargain.
  • General quality of BM isn't as good as Konad.  However, the BM quality is only slightly less than the Konad plates and isn't remotely bad enough for me to feel buyer's remorse about the purchase. 
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  • Although there are several small things about the BM plates that don't quite measure up to the Konad plates, the amazing value of the 21 plates for $18 simply negates all its shortcomings.  
  • I highly recommend Bundle Monster Images plates if you're looking to expand your nail stamping plate collection.  With a few minor adjustment they're just a good as Konad, and they're a great value if you're looking for a great variety and a small price!


  1. Very good post. I have heard good things about BM plates vs Konad. A friend once said "Its like Olay Regenerist vs Creme De La Mer"

    Both work it just depends on your budget and what results you want.


  2. Hi! Besides the Konad and Bundle Monster, you can also find a large selection of image plates on and has about 8 categories!!! I have bought from there and engraving is good, although it comes from Europe, comes rather quickly... Sorry for my bad english! (*_~) LOL

  3. Hi, I prefer Konad, seriously. I just bought the Essence stamping kit and it is a waste of money. The images are nice, but it is what you mentioned. The drawing is so shallow and delicate that it does not transfer properly and you waste a lot of product. Also I have noticed that the carving is not as deep as Konad's because the nail polishes dry faster and they just don't get into the stamper at all.

    I found this website that sells Konad plates for a very low price.

    You can change the language at the top. I haven't bought anything there yet, but maybe it is worth a try.

    Kisses from:

  4. hey is there any singapore based online shops where i can get the Bundle Monster Images plates?

  5. I emailed Bundle Monster's customer service from a link on their website, asking about the sizes of the images... (Because I ordered a generic set (25PC) from from the seller, xxkara17xx, and the images were sooo small and unetched, an overly proficient 8 year old couldn't use em. Don't order from this seller or any that can't bother herself to post clean images or even take the time to describe them.) Well! Good news is that Bundle Monster told me that the 25PC is the same sizes of Konad's designs, while the 21PC is a lot smaller. I love how their customer service responded in less than a day and were honest. I will be ordering the 25 PC set!!!.. The other generic set I ordered from fits my XS fingernails EXCEPT my thumbs so it's a bit ridiculous and highly unrecommended.

  6. Bundle Monster released the 2012 plates. They listen to their clients complaints and did everything right with the 2012 plates. The full image are the same size as Konad. You should give it a try with the new plates.

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