Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Purple & Silver Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while.  As the summer days wear there are more and more things to do out and about.  So i apologize for not posting anything for a while.

First up, my most recent tutorial.  Yes, it's on the creepy model hand.  I had just done my own nails so I wasn't about to remove my mani to do a tutorial.  sorry.  Also, I'm personally not a fan of wearing pearls and beads on my own nails.  (the 3d things drive me nuts through out the day.)  So, model hand it is.  :)

The list of products used will be listed under the video.
For comments or questions, it's best to click on the video which will take you to the video on youtube.  Leave a comment under the video there if you have any questions.

This is a really simple purple and silver abstract nail art tutorial.
Hope you enjoy!

Materials Used:

LA Colors Nail Lacquer - Metallic Purple - from local drugstore
China Glaze - Millennium - from Sallys Beauty
LA Colors Art Deco - Black

Cosmetic sponge - from any drugstore
Pearl Sticker - from Michaels Crafts
Silver beads - from Deserres art store.


  1. HI :) I love your tutorials, I was wondering if you had announced the winners for your giveaway and I missed it? I did the you-tube comment one... Also, Instead of pearls would it look just as good with simple dots in their place?

  2. I am SO HAPPY you are posting again! I missed ya! I like the tutorial, still can't seem to get my konad or sponge mani to work (so not talented) I bought those dotting tools today though! I am glad that you use almost the same polishes that I do (I love Sally Extreme Wear and LA Colors all hail the dollar store!)

    OK, done gushing now.