Wednesday, July 13, 2011

REVIEW: Bundle Monster 25 plate set

Here's a way delayed review of Bundle Monster's 25 image plate set.

I have previously posted the pictures of each of the individual plates.
You can check them out in my blog post.

Oh, and one thing I can't believe I forgot to mention is that the full image designs are now the same size as the Konad ones.  yay!


  1. And the full image plates still don't fit my whole nail,usually the thumb and middle fingers. I guess I will have to shorten my nails,lol!

  2. I just got this set.... last month? I absolutely love them!!!! And they are so much cheaper than Konad :)

  3. OOoohhh yay! I'm glad the full nail designs have been increased!

    Typically, to avoid only getting a "stripe" of design, I turn it horizontal and stamp it that way, and add another design in the blank space. :D