Sunday, November 20, 2011

NAIL FAIL: dusty wallpaper

Hi Everyone,

I've got a 'Nail Fail' for you today.

For those of you unfamiliar with this series:
     Nail Fails are posts that I publish with no particular regularity.  I only post updates to this series when I attempt to create a nail design which didn't remotely resemble my intended aesthetic, or for some other reason simply falls short of my expectations.  It certainly doesn't mean that it's necessarily an 'ugly' design.  But for some reason or other, I decided to ditch the tutorial and not post it to
     So instead, as my blog followers, you get to see the reality of my nail art trials and tribulations and the reality of my craft: not every design is a winner.  
I've done some designs that didn't quite work out and I've been lazy about posting them so here you go.  I'll be posting one each day for the next few days.

This nail design is called Dusty Wallpaper.
I actually really do like it.  It was inspired by a fabric print somewhere on the blog print & pattern.  Unfortunately I don't have a link to the exact image (but I think it's somewhere in the realm of august 2011. if you're dying to search for it.)
The reason it made the Nail Fail series was simply because of a filming issue I had which made the tutorial nearly useless.  The lighting I had while filming was so lacking that I was describing so many things that you simply couldn't see.  So here it land, in the Nail Fail series instead.  What a shame. 
I really like this design.  It makes me think of a print on a dress that I might be able to find at Anthropology.

Polishes used in this design:
Colour Club - Positively Posh
Colour Club - Soft as Cashmere
Sally Hansen - White On
Essie - Turqouise and Caicos
Essie - Lapis of Luxury
OPI - Melon of Troy

What are your thoughts on this design?

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