Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Holiday Haul

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I spent my Christmas in Vancouver visiting friends.  We had lots of great food (thank YOU, Christine!) and lots of great time with friends who I don't get to see nearly often enough.  --and that means you: Christine, Aveline, Andrew, Rachel, Eddie, Erin. Jeremy, Robb.
Also, while I was in Vancouver I told a few of the aforementioned kids about my blog and youtube channel.  It was pretty interesting seeing their reactions.  My blog and youtube channel aren't really something I advertise to my friends.  I think I don't tell a lot of people about it because I already feel so obsessed with nail polish.  And telling people that I have a blog and youtube channel that both focus on this obsession makes me feel even more obsessed.  :S  lol.  oh well.  Now they know.

also, Aveline.  If you're reading this by any chance, email me your blog and etsy info!

Okay, so now on to the meat of this blog post.
Yes, I did some boxing day shopping (or for those of you not in Canada, I did some after Christmas shopping.   Don't ask me where the term "boxing day" came from.  I don't know and am definitely too lazy to google it right now.  If you know, let me know in a comment.  ;)

I picked up a few OPI polishes and some American Apparel polishes.  Some dark colours, some bright colours, all great deals.  :D

Video to follow.  Full list of purchases below that.

I know I'm eager to start 2012 with some great new Nails of the Day (NOTD) and some sweet nail art tutorials. :D
So stay tuned, and Happy New Year!


OPI Polishes:
Houston We Have A Purple
Getting Miss Piggy With It
Natural Nail Base Coat
Top Coat

American Apparel Polishes:
Imperial Purple
Crescent Heights
Sunset Boulevard
The Valley
Available in stores and online at http://americanapparel.net/


  1. I don't know why but the name Huston We Have a Purple makes me laugh. XD "Look out; it's a wild hairy Purple!"
    Fantastic haul and I am glad that you were able to spend time with your friends! :D

  2. The one you gave away to a friend is called Smoke Dazzle!

  3. 1st - luv the blog & tutorials!
    2nd - Do you have $1 stores in your area? I ask cuz I just made a great haul at my local Dollar Tree. They had LA Colors Art Deco & Color Craze plus Nail Fetish polishes in about 50 different colors for $1 each! These aren't old, ready to be chucked bottles. I know the Art Deco sells for around $3US at places like WalMart, so finding it for this price was worth doing a happy dance right there in the aisle. Just thought I'd share a potential source of nail polish.

    Keep up the great leassons! I hope to learn how to bling my nails as easily as you make it look...someday. (practice! practice! pratice!