Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NOTD: Imperial Glitter and Glam

Imperial Glitter and Glam
(for a closer look, you can click on the image.)                
and yes, i know.  my cuticles are dry.  ;P
Hi Everyone!
Here's my first Nails of the Day [NOTD] of the year!
It uses a couple of my new polishes that I bought over the holidays as well as a foil.  I'll be posting a tutorial on how I used the foil on my You Tube channel soon.  So subscribe to be updated with my newest tutorials :)
For this manicure I used:
Sally Hansen - Thicken Up
OPI - Natural Nail Base Coat
American Apparel - Imperial Purple
Nail Foils - Imperial Iris (from which I adhered with the foil glue from the same website.
OPI - Getting Miss Piggy With It
OPI - Top Coat

(Note: Normally I don't use two base coats, but because my nails are in such horrific shape from some nail stickers that I tested, I decided to use one base coat to help thicken up my nail base and the second one to attempt to smooth out the surface of my nail.)

I'm loving this foil technique.  I think it may be a big thing with me in 2012.


  1. I've been using two base coats for about six months now and it has made a big difference. The first one is a nail treatment the second one a regular basecoat. And I don't have any staining or discoloration at all. I hope your nails get better soon.

  2. yay for miss piggy!

  3. Love about a blast of color! How did you get that effect with the foil glue though? Random swipes from a nail art brush?