Friday, October 2, 2009

Friends for Christmas

Had a good chat with my best friend, Christine while I was on the bus on my way to the doctor [about an eye infection... ewwwww] 

She's in Hamburg, Germany doing her PhD.  We chatted recently for a bit.  Man, I miss this girl.  I don't really think about her too much these days because we've been in different countries for almost 2 years, and in different cities for over 4 years, so it's not unusual for us to go months without communicating at all.  [and unfortunately when we do communicate it's usually via facebook]  

We just caught up a bit today.  We had chatted just a week or so ago, before she left for a symposium where she was giving a lecture.  She was really nervous about not being prepared and concerned about questions that people would ask about here presentation, which was her research, but only in the aspect that she was told to research someone else's method, so she did.  

As expected, it went really well.  

She also got a new roommate who's very clean.  This has her very excited because one of her old roommates who just moved out was not clean at all.  yay for clean roommates.  [in the past month, my roommate has only cleaned the toilet, once.  Other than that, i've been doing all the cleaning]

Well, Christine has booked her flight home for christmas!  She's going to be in Canada for almost three whole weeks!  I'm pretty excited.  I expect to be flying home for Christmas also.  Can't wait.  Haven't seen this girl since last christmas!

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