Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nails of the Day - Red+White Flower - Konad Stamping With Regular Polish + Tips for Choosing Good Polishes for Stamping

I had a request on YouTube to do the stamping with other brands of nail polishes.  
The ones I used this time were the red and white from LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer.
The base color was the same as in my last NOTD (I think it was a pale pinkish by Rimmel.)  The stamping was generally successful.  

Basically you can use any kind, but there are certain key things to keep in mind that will determine the success/failure of the stamping:

1. The polish should be relatively opaque. If you're not sure how opaque it is (when you're in the store) make a little test swatch on your nails, or (if you're already wearing polish) make a test swatch on a white piece of paper. If the paper is still fairly visible behind the steak of polish, it may be less successful for stamping especially when used over a dark base color.

2. The polish should be preferably on the thicker side for consistency rather than thinner and runny. Thicker polishes will mimic the dense quality of the "special polish" that Konad sells. If you have any old polishes that are almost empty and/or are getting really goopy and thick from lots of use, these are perfect. the repeated use and exposure to air has made these old goopy nail polishes perfect for stamping! So don't throw them out!

3. Polishes that are matte with minimal shimmer tend to be better. Particularly stay away from ones with larger glitter pieces in them. The glitter will not work well with the delicate fine lines that are often found in the image plates. 

4.  Metallics also work really well because the polish generally need to be opaque in nature to be a metallic/or chrome.


  1. thanks!
    I did a video tutorial on this just posted above if you're interested!