Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIE Movie iMovie!!

:@ Arghhhhh!!  

what the heck is wrong with my iMovie??  It won't save my videos!
It no longer likes doing transitions.  is moody with titles and won't do themes!  and sometimes it just plain old doesn't feel like saving after i spent over an hour or so editing a tutorial!  GAHHH!
.. .. ..  .  . . 


wel, hopefully i'll figure something out otherwise i guess all my tutorials will all be very choppy and kinda crap.  :(  boo.  especially now that I have over 500 subscribers on Youtube.  It'd be a bummer if suddenly i had to start putting out crap quality tutorials.  

I tried doing some slideshow ones but those were taking forever in iMovie too and it didn't even save the titles.  :(
And plus, i definitely prefer live tutorials.  they feel much more personable, in my opinion.  

well, hopefully i can figure something out.  i just tried downloading a couple free video editing software programs.  jahplayer and jashaka.  have no idea how the heck they work.  
any of you out there reading this know how to use those programs??    or have any ideas what i can do to fix my iMovie?   

Help=Greatly appreciated!

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