Friday, April 16, 2010

Nail Fails vs. My Nails v1

Hi All!

So I was thinking about what the difference is between my youtube account ( and my blog.  And for a while there was no difference other than the fact that I don't update my blog as often as I post nail tutorial/makeup tutorial videos on Youtube, and the random personal blog post here and there.

So I decided to also show either the 'nail fails' or 'video fails' designs here.  Also, I rarely wear the nail designs that I do in my tutorials out in my daily life.  As much as I love the designs I come up with and love how they look, i'm not quite as bold as I wish i were to wear them out and about.  So here instead i'll also post just snap shots of the nail designs that I do actually wear.  (much plainer and simpler than my tutorials)

I don't have too many archived photos at this time so here's what I got for now.
(more will follow when I find the photos and/or actually photograph the false nails)

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

This one was originally for a tutorial I called Green Meadow.  It was going to be a slide show tutorial because my iMovie is messed up (still is)  but then I kinda went overboard with it and it ended up looking just messy and gross.  But since it was a photo slide show I had photos of each step.  This photo is around where I think I should have stopped.
So instead I now call this nail: Green Leaves.  Much better.  :)

Hmmm..  well, this one never got named.  But now that I'm looking at it maybe i'll call it: Pink Button-up Dress.  That's kinda what it looks like to me.  
I have really been trying hard to do a tutorial with two convex curves like this using loose leafe paper reinforcements to get the curve.  But it never really turned out.  Even this one.  I think the curve is.. off.  Plus it just ends up looking odder as the curve radius stays the same but the nail bed gets bigger/smaller depending on the finger.    so I nixed this one for a tutorial.  

Geeze.  Thought I had more pics of the nails that didn't get a tutorial.  Musta recycled them when I was cleaning out the computer and external for school.  Oh wells.  I'll re-photograph them and post them later.

I've decided to name this type of Post: Nail Fails vs. My Nails.  I could keep a tally of which is winning.  lol.. is this lame?  Let me know!
So far, the score is 2 - 0

Hope you're all are doing well!


  1. Oh wow, the second one is a design I tried not too long ago. I think that looks good when there's more contrast between the colos - then it looks like a tuxedo :)