Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ACK! MY VIDEO FOOTAGE! NOOOooooooooo......

I wasn't completely sure what was going on with my 500G external hard drive.  It holds EVERYTHING from old school work and thesis stuff, music that's not currently on my computer, a whole crap load of movies and photos, and of course all my unedited videos and photos of nail tutorials that I was hoping to post in the next couple weeks.

I had a couple cool ones that I wanted to get up last weekend, but alas, they're being held prisoner within the walls of Western Digital.  :@

Luckily, I randomly had a couple finished and placed in my documents on my computer (total fluke that they were there instead of my hard drive.  I never put my nail tutorial stuff on my computer.  It just takes up too much space and my poor Mac is too old for that kind of kid stuff.. lol)

So it wasn't showing up on my computer and didn't seem to be making the fast 'whirring' sound like it usually does.  So I tried hooking it up to my mom's computer.  It started to be acknowledged by the computer until a little pop-up window told me that it couldn't connect because it wasn't working properly.  ARGHHH!


Well, hopefully the tech guy at work can retrieve some of the data for me.  So in the mean time I guess that means i'm going external hard drive shopping.... yay... : |

So I guess you're just gonna get the two videos that I managed to not have on my external hard drive.  One is a nail tutorial (a pretty wicked one I must admit) and one is a collection video (that was requested) of my MAC eye shadows.  My collection is quite pittiful, but it works for me :)

I'll probably have my collection video up today and the tutorial up a few days after that.  and hopefully by then I will have retrieved my data from my external so you won't have to wait too long after that for the next update from me.  :)

Hope everyone is having a better week than me!

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