Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dragonfly Trails - Fimo nail art tutorial

Ok.  so i finally broke down and got some fimo for my nail art.  yeesh.  I got the 100 stick pack from bundlemonster at
I've sliced a quarter of them.  it sure does take time, but it goes quickly once you get the hang of it.  :)

So, naturally I was dying to do a tutorial using some.  I chose these cute little dragonflies.
The tutorial's really easy.  If you've got some fimo, hope you give it a try!


  1. How thin do you cute the fimo??
    I think I'd be picking at it... Would drive me nuts!

  2. I slice it as thin as possible. It also varies on the actual fimo. I find some a softer than others, so it's easier to make them thinner. But generally I'm slicing them less than 1mm thick. (On average I want to say that they're about .5mm thick. I think I'm slicing some of them so think that they seem almost a bit see though.
    so yeah. super thin.