Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Official: Essie Has Gone Retail

Yep.  I heard the press about it a while ago.
And a couple days ago while wandering through my local drugstore (Shoppers Drug Mart - for those Canucks out there who are curious) I saw the new Essie retail stand.

(sorry for the crap photos.  my phone's camera is a also crap)
The bottle seems to have been slightly relabeled.  The name 'Essie' is no longer simply moulded in the glass but is also printed in white vertically along the bottle.  I think this  is a simple and non-offensive change to the look, and frankly, will always appreciate the simplicity of the shape of the bottle and font of the logo.
The stand not only features the newest collection by Essie, but also tempts nail polish addicts with treatments and top and base coat polishes.
Sometimes Essie colours are great.  I personally think the formulas are hit or miss.  But one thing I will probably never love about Essie is the price.  In Canada (and in the stores I shop in) OPI generally sells for $9.95 (excluding the Designer series which sells for $14.95.)  I think OPI is tops!  Essie is up there but with a price tag that's $2 more expensive than OPI will always make it a hard sell for me.  

Have you seen Essie make an appearance in your local drug store?  How much is it selling for?  Are you super psyched that the brand is now more accessible, or do you feel kinda 'meh' like me?


  1. Thanks for telling where you found them! I wonder if my sdm has them in yet. Any clue if these are the type that are being sold at walmart in the usa, or the normal Essie line from cosmetic boutiques?

  2. You're Canadian? That's awesome!! And I actually saw Essie in a sdm recently, one in Ottawa. Pretty cool.

  3. I'm in Canada too, but I've had Essie polish at my Shoppers for a few years-but I've never bought them unless they were on sale because like you said, the price is ridiculous

  4. @artful expression. I'm not sure if they're the same or not because I don't know what the difference is between the essie polishes in american walmarts vs boutiques.

    @Nailed. yes, essie has always been at Shoppers drug mart, but they've only ever really sold their basic colors. They've never carried the new collections. but yes, you're right. i should have clarified. :)

  5. I am really happy that Essie went retail. Where I live, I can't really find any of the "big brands" (except for OPI) and knowing that Essie will be here soon makes me really happy(: I heard a rumor that Essie polishes will be sold in Walmart so I praying that it shows up in my Walmart (we don't have super drug or walgreens... anything like that lol, JUST WALMART ^_^)

    Anyways, thanks so much for posting this(:

  6. WalMart for 7.99 per bottle in California