Sunday, September 11, 2011

Camouflage Nails - Nail Art Tutorial

Here's a great tutorial for the Autumn season.
     It's on trend with the military greens that are in fashion this season and it's a classic print.  If you don't like greens, you can always switch it up by using shades of blue or pink or greys, as camouflage has already been done in pretty much every colour under the sun.
     It's a relatively simple design.  I definitely googled an image of camouflage print while creating this design. So find a good inspiration camouflage design you like and let's get us some camo nails for the start of Fall.

Seche Clear - Base Coat
Color Club - Snake Skin
American Apparel - Army Jacket
Essie - Going Incognito
Color Club - Wild Orchid
Revlon - Quick Dry Top Coat
Brushes - (can buy from your local art store)
     Loews Cornell - 795 Round Brush - Size 0
     American Painter - Spotter Brush - Size 5/0