Monday, September 12, 2011

Herringbone Print Nails - Bundle Monster Stamping Tutorial - [BM201]

I don't remember how I decided to do a Herringbone print nail.  But I do remember that when I realized that I could make it easy by using a bundle monster image plate I was so ecstatic.  I know this is a bummer for those of you who don't have any stamping tools but don't worry.  As you have probably noticed, I do switch back and forth between stamping and free hand designs.  :)

I'm also hoping to have time one of these days to do a stamping tutorial as well as a free hand version of the same design.  Not sure that I can necessarily do that for every design - because some things that are done with stamping simply are not easily done by hand.  But the idea is definitely in the back of my mind stewing for the next time I have a great design that I can do with both konad/bundle monster and by hand.

But if you do have the second Bundle monster stamping plates, here's a really easy chic alternative to houndstooth or plaid print nails.

Materials Used:
Revlon - Quick Dry Base Coat
Color Club - Soft As Cashmere
Bundle Monster Image Plate - 201 [from bundle]
Konad Special Polish - Black [all Konad products from]
Konad Scraper
Konad Stamper
Striper Brush - 10/0 Black Gold by Dynasty 206 SL [from local art store]
Sally Hansen - Insta Dry Anti Chip Top Coat

Check out these videos for some helpful tips and tricks and info:
KONAD ANSWERS - to all your fequently asked questions:
KONAD TESTS - testing out non special polishes for stamping

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