Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Pink & Green Abstract - Nail Art Tutorial

Hi Everyone.  

Okay.  Day 2 of tutorial catch up.  I am going to sit my butt down on this chair until I have made one post per day so my blog is caught up with my youtube channel.  Again, for those of you who need to be in the know asap, my youtube channel is:  you can click the little yellow subscribe button on the left column and you'll be updated with my new tutorials and other videos as soon as I post them.  
If you're in no rush, *most* of them make it to my blog too so you can just check back as I'll be posting one catch-up tutorial each day for the next 5 days.  :)

This tutorial is a bit of a generic 'abstract' design.  But I think the colours are really fresh and summery.  

The full list of materials will be listed under the video.
Hope you enjoy watching the tutorial.  and send me a pic of you decide to try it out for yourself.  :)

Materials used:
Revlon - Quick Dry Base Coat
Rimmel - Sunset Orange
LA Colors Art Deco - Mint Green
LA Colors Art Deco - Baby Pink
Rimmel - French White Tip Pro
Dotting Tool - from ebay
Revlon - Quick Dry Top Coat


  1. Can you atleast put up a pic of ur mani I can see the mani? YT is blocked in office :(

  2. Love this tutorial! You make it look sooo easy! I will try this out soon, but my skills are not so developed like yours.

  3. @Kejal. i didn't have the photo with me but I'll put up a screen shot right now. the next ones will have a photo.