Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Sick

I was supposed to do the Grouse Grind today with a friend but my stomach had other plans.  I woke up with a mild stomach ache and a feeling of dread of risking going up a mountain and finding myself needing a rest room mid-hike.

So instead I'm home with my hot water bottle and my cup of hot lemon water (in lieu of herbal tea) sending out some resumes, helping my sister with some Adobe Illustrator stuff for her work and about to do some more nail polish swatches.  <- because I'm too lazy to do another tutorial right now.

Hope everyone else is feeling better than I am today.  :D


  1. thanks! I am feeling better. I think it was the spicy pepperoni that I had before bed last night that did it :)

  2. That may be the kyootest hot water bottle kozy I have ever seen.

  3. haha. thanks. it was a gift from my sister :)