Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stripes and Bubbles

Hey All

Here are a couple of nail designs that I tested out on nail tips.  I actually really like them both.
The Candy Stripes one is a really simple yet slightly unexpected mix of colors that made me think of hard candies.

Candy Stripes.
Polishes used (L-R): SH Crushed, Art Deco White, Art 
Deco Yellow, Art Deco Mint Green, Art Deco Red Glitter,
SH Crushed, Art Deco Yellow, Art Deco Sky Blue, SH

I liked it on the artificial nail so I decided to try it out on my own nails... with less success.

I did use a different mix of colours, but I think the fail
really stemmed from the unfortunate application near
the cuticle.  I think it could have been successful if
I could have gotten the application to be better.

And here's another one I did that same day.  It reminds me of bubbles in ocean water.

Not sure that I would ever wear this many rhinestones on my own nails out in public, but I still like the final design.
What do you think?
Should I do a tutorial on either of these?

Current fails vs nails count: 6 - 5



  1. I am not a rhinestones fan, but that is my personal hangup! I love the stripes though!

    I am really into stripe-ing right now. because I am strange.



  2. lol.. yeah. i've never actually worn rhinestones out either. but i do think they look pretty.
    oh well. everyone's got a right to their own opinion. :D

    thanks for commenting. --yeah. i like stripes too.

  3. Now I have decided I need the art deco pens like ALL of them. ENABLER!


  4. Oh, I like the striped one, really cute ^__^ I tried to do some stripes on my nails once, but the lines just wouldn't be straight X__x then I just gave up