Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Keri Hilson's Nails at the Grammys 2010 - My Counterfeit

Hi All!

So it's been a while since I did a post on My Counterfeit nails.  And back when I recreated my own versions of Beyonce's nails at the grammy awards I had said that I was also going to try to recreate Keri Hilsons' nails too.

I have finally done what I could, but I gotta say that without a stamping plate or a robot arm, it's pretty impossible to recreate the centered rows of silver on a white manicure like Keri had that night.  [For a refresher, check out All Lacquered Up's post of Rihanna, Beyonce and Keri Hilson's Minx Nails and My Counterfeit of Beyonce's Minx Nails.]

I did three tests on artificial nails because I know there's no way I could sit still long enough to do my own nails for this design.

Counterfeit manicure #1 had Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen Complete Salon
Manicure as the white base.  The silver dots are Silver Stiletto by Sally
Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer applied with the sharp point of a dressmaker's pin.

Counterfeit manicure #2 had Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen Complete
Salon Manicure as the white base.  The hex glitter was placed individually
from Cover Girl's Confetti nail polish. (that's where the tiny red glitter came
from too.)   

Counterfeit manicure #3 had Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen
Complete Salon Manicure as the white base.  The holographic glitter
was applied by applying a stripe of clear polish down the center of
the nail and dipping it in Coastal Scents' Silver Hologram Glitter Powder.

[click on the image to zoom in for holographic goodness]

Though I will never try this on my own nails due to impatience I think my favorite of all of these (in terms of replication) is Conterfeit #1.
What do you think?  Would you ever have the patience to have this done, or do any of these manicures for a friend?


  1. I think I like Counterfeit #3! I might try that out for myself!! :) Awesome blog!! :D

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