Friday, August 13, 2010

OPI & China Glaze Swatches... finally


So quite some time ago after a disastrous hair cut i purchased some nail polish and posted a haul.  with that post i had promised swatches... eventually.  and with a reminder from a reader i have posted those aforementioned swatches... finally!  :)

This post is PIC HEAVY!  :D

OPI's Catch Me In Your Net is from their Summer Flutter Collection.  It's a gorgeous shimmery teal.  There are gold, blue, green microshimmers in it.  The pigmentation is better than Wing It, possibly simply due to the fact that the base colour is blue, which (generally speaking) is darker than pink and lends itself to be a more opaque polish.  Either way, this polish (applied here with two coats) still shows a visible nail line in the photo, but is much less noticible in person.  Also, personally I tend to wear bright or dark colours on shorter nails only, so the VNL is less of an issue for me.  If you're wanting to glitz up your long nails with this colour you'll almost definitely need three coats to get complete coverage.

OPI's Wing It! is from their Summer Flutter Collection.  It's a gorgeous deep pink with gold, pink and purple micro shimmers in it.  The pigmentation is a little thin and requires three layers to achieve the opacity that i have here.  (I usually prefer to only use two coats if possible.)  However, because the base color that the shimmers are suspended in are so sheer, the final finish ends up being one of a shimmery jelly look.  This color and finish definitely feels very unique
I've worn it several times.  and I still love it!

OPI's Melon of Troy is from the Greek Isles Collection.  (I have no idea when this was released.)  It's an almost cream finish apricot/melon colour.  There are ultra fine particles in it (not sure what to call them because I'm not sure they're actually glitter) that give the polish a brightening sheen.  The pigmentation is excellent.  There are fine streak lines that the brush leaves behind, but they're not annoyingly noticeable.  I love peachy/coral colours so this polish was a MUST HAVE the moment I saw it.  


OPI's Up Front and Personal is from the Las Vegas Collection (spring/summer 2003.)  It shines with very fine and subtle multi colored ultra fine shimmers in a very sheer champagne base colour.  The pigmentation is very low (I have three coats with very visible nail line in the photo - and a nick on my ring finger.. darn it), so I would either only wear this colour with short nails, or as a top coat to ass some glimmer to your manicure.  I love the colour on my skin tone, (recently I've been wearing it on my toes to add some shimmer to my pedicure) but I can definitely see this one being a hard one for some people to pull off.  I definitely recommend doing a tape swatch in store (if allowed) before diving into this purchase.  

China Glaze's Passion (I believe) is from their Romantique Collection (2009).  It's a metallic gold that is slightly dull, in that it's more of an 'old gold' tone, rather than a shiny 'new and polished gold'.  There is slight streaking upon application, but I feel that's pretty standard for metallics that are glitter/shimmer free.  (Although I must admit that there is a similar ultra fine shimmer in the colour.)  The pigmentation is excellent.  There are two coats in this photo, but I could definitely have gotten away with one medium thickness coat.  It's a great color.  But, like OPI's UF&P, I would recommend testing it out on a piece of tape on your nail in store to make sure the undertone of the polish compliments your own skin tone.

Hope you enjoy my swatches! And let me know if you agree or disagree with my review of the colours!


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